I think I'm....PREGNANTšŸ˜±

Shayla ā€¢ -Shae.

Me and my boyfriend had sex around the 12th of this month. We didnt use protection. But he pulled out. And my period usually comes on the 19 or the 20th...it's about 9 days late. (Which is a week and 2 days)So along with that. I've had crazy food cravings..like rice and potato chips,pickles and scrambled eggs,hot chips and tuna fish I mean this is stuff I just don't eat. I've been bloated like crazy. My acne has gotten worse to. And boooyyyy have I been nauseous. No vomiting tho... my period is usually SPOT ON!...that's why I'm so worried! I wouldnt mind a little me...but idk how my family would take it. Considering I'm only 18,I'm starting college in January. And I just got my cosmetology license. I never been so worried in my life.