Got my BFP! Here's the scoop!


Hi ladies! I was thankimg someone for making a DETAILED BFP post just last week- little did I know I'd be able to do the same this week! Got my BFP on Friday:

So, here's all the dirty details! What we tried this month: -baby danced according to the sperm meets egg plan. this was exhausting but we are obviously super glad we stuck with it! this was our first month trying this. -used conception friendly lubricant (this is the second time we have tried this) -hubby has been on sperm health supplements for two months now -ate pineapple for 5 days post ovulation (second time trying this) SYMPTOMS: all these symptoms have been randomly on and off since about 9dpo. Losted most frequent to least frequent- -backache and cramping (i was actually convinced my period was coming! but the backache was different because it was all over, not just low) -fatigue (not super extreme, but plenty of yawning from early afternoon and sometimes bed half hour early) -sometimes loss of appetite, sometimes extra appetite -fluey aches and pains, but more like discomfort than pain -dizziness BABY DUST to ALL you lovely ladies!