Crazy exes

Girls with crazy exes please make me feel less alone. I know no one who's ex is OBSESSED with them, my ex still taunts me to this very day and it's been about two years and he still finds ways to randomly message me. When we first broke up I had to change my number and he got into my Facebook account and started ringing all of my family members asking where I am and threatened to come to their houses. For him to actually leave me alone we had to threaten that we'd charge him with statutory rape (i was under age when we first had sex) for him to finally leave me alone for months until I bumped into him. He tells everyone who knows me he'll never stop loving me and will always believe I'm the love of his life. I'm so fucking over it and just want him gone. He abused me emotionally and physically and even left me to be on the streets. Told my mother to try commit suicide again. Nearly punched on with my biological father. And is now threatening my best friend to be nice to him or else. What can I do???? What did youse do?