Ladies need advice on bj and cuming in my mouth😣


Ive been with my husband 8 years and out of that he has ejaculated ONE time in my mouth and it tasted horrible and the texture freaked me out. I immediately spit it out and never let it happen after that! (this was in the beginning of our relationship) Here recently Ive been having this desire to give it another try and swallow this time. But I am pregnant and have a terrible gag reflex and I am scared i will puke all over him. I already gag ALOT while giving him a BJ Ive tried deep throat sprays and nothing helps I want to improve on my "skills" and give him the pleasure he deserves. I need some advice and pointers on how to handle it because I really want to be able to give him this pleasure as he NEVER complains about letting me orgasm while he's going down!