Trying to push aside anxiety and panic attacks

Eleni • ✌️🖤🇺🇸

I am about to be 30 and I've come to terms with myself that I want to have a baby. Being a prisoner with anxiety just completely changes your thoughts. But I am dealing with crippling anxiety and the occasional Unpredictable panic attacks that strike at any moment. Right now I am on medication. I am slowly not trying to take as much and I am in biofeedback to help with my breathing. I just don't want this to take over my life anymore. I am tired of being a dog and running to end of my leash and only Going so far. I just want to push forward.

How does anyone manage with panic and anxiety during pregnancy? Do they stop all medication? I don't want to take anything that will hurt the baby. I am just trying to check out all my options.

Any advice would be great .