Simple things I do to make my negative feel less negative!

I've been trying for 5 months. I know it's not long. At first, negatives broke my heart. But I was tired of feeling so sad about something that was intended (babies) to bring so much joy. Over the last few months I found a few things that have helped me a bunch and want to share because all these sad posts break my heart.

1) I try and focus not on just having a baby, but also look at this time as time to bond with my husband. It's so incredible to make this decision together and the support and love I feel now is unique to this time when you are trying to make a baby together. Even when negatives occur, I'm thankful for the special BD time I had and the support and bonding and love that comes as we struggle through the negatives together. It strengthens my relationship.

2) I decided to have a special box made. Every month I get my period/negative I get to go buy one item to put inside the box for my future baby (special binkis, bottles, a cute blanket, etc). It makes negatives less hard because I still get to do something fun and focus on the fact that I will get my baby someday AND I feel like I'm gradually preparing for the day baby comes. It makes me smile thinking about using those items in the future.

3) I try to remember how lucky I am that my body functions properly. A lot of women don't have the opportunity to have a baby at all, and for a while, I didn't think I would either. While it is disappointing to see a negative, I also scream and call my husband each time I ovulate the next month because I'm so excited to try again, and even have the chance and that my body is actually capable of doing it!

I really wish good luck to all you sweet ladies on here and hope that you get your baby when the time is right! I hope maybe this will help some of you smile and look at negatives a little differently :)