My boyfriends stressing me out

I've had a miscarriage Earlier this year bc I was stressed & overwhelmed with things . Every since then I've been hearing him say quite often no matter the situation " you make your self depressed , youre always having anxiety bc you stress your own self out etc . Now I'm pregnant again and I feel like I'm going to have another miscarriage. We argue everyday , he has sever anger problems . He don't try to fix issues , & he NEVER think he does anything wrong . He blames it on me every time we argue and say I'm 99% of the problems in our relationship . I need help . This is so toxic . I cry all the time I just wish the madness would stop . If I ignore a situation where I think we about to argue he basically keeps picking to make me say something back I'm to the point we're im depressed every day , crying and upset set every day . I'm miserable , and he makes to to let me know multiple times a week that "I'm ruining his life"