Sexual assault 14 years later

Hi ladies,

I've come here (couldn't find an assault support group) basically because I'm not sure what to do and I'm at a point where I think I want to address past issues but I have no idea how, if I'm brave enough (I still cry whenever I think about it) or if it's still relevant. I don't feel like my current support group (few friends, partner) would enough or good to talk to but I'm not sure.

Basically when I was 13 someone who I thought was my friend sexually assaulted me repeatedly until I was 15. I told a mutual friend about it because I didn't want to talk to my teachers at school because I knew they would tell my parents. Basically the mutual friend ended up helping the other guy to assault me. I never spoke to a professional about it - i don't want to and I never spoke about it to anyone else for years.

I have mentioned things to my current partner but he has no idea how to talk about it. I'm at a stage now where I'm tried of being upset by this, im angry that after so much time, I still feel this way but I don't know where to start, how to talk about it or even if I can. I'm not sure why I posted here I suppose what I'm looking for is advice or some sort of support.