Am I the only one who gets pissed?

okay, so me and this girl has been friends for like 15 years, she's my best friend. Well, I'm always there for her no matter what situation it is no matter what time it is. I've been in fights because of her, and I basically do everything for her. Well, I'm having a rough night tonight, I explain what's wrong and all she says is 'Sorry.' LEGIT ALL SHE SAID. 😤 I'm super pissed off because whenever she called me at 4 in the am Sunday morning I stayed up and talked to her. I was there when she needed me. But guess what? She isn't there for me. She doesn't want to hear my problems. She doesn't want to help me when I'm down. But yet I'm always there for her. 🤔 Pissed. 😤