My mother in law HATES ME.. and now I'm sure that hate how grown.

Selena • 25 ✨ God is everything ❤️

So my now husband and I have been together for a few years now. He never told me about his mom and about how overprotective and how horrible she was too him until one day I overheard their conversation and I was in complete shock. After that call he was super upset and mad but didn't tell me anything about it because he didn't wanna lose me. (He's told me I'm the past girls have been confronted by his mom and she scared them away.) I told him he could tell me anything and I wouldn't look at him any different. So he told me EVERYTHING, I was in complete freakin shock. How could a mother talk to her only child like that? Especially after knowing for years that she has a deadly disease. That is NOT OK. His family takes her side because she's a two face and would start drama with anyone who wouldn't agree with her. So his family would only know her of the story and not his. So that's why he would tell me she was nice, wanted to meet me and pretty much lie about how she actually was because he didn't want the drama with her and wanted to just tell me about her when we were serious. And one day, a day before I was supposed to meet her she found us in his living room and she went CRAZY. (We weren't doing anything bad at all, just watching tv building a ginger bread house.) she yelled and told him off like if he did something awful. I got up and told him I was leaving because it literally scared the crap out of me. Any who, he came to my house to talk about what happened and he cried. He was so scared I was going to leave like the other girls have but I didn't. His moms behavior didn't scare me, because I knew who HE was. Any way, time passed and let's just say now I have a restraining order against her and she's physically attack me in my own car, threatened me, sent out people to follow me (tail gate me to the point of almost hitting me in the freeway with him in the car!) even follow me herself, lied about me and my past because she talks to 'dead' people to find things out about me. Told his family everything she's found on me and it's aaaaaaall lies. She's confronted me MANY times and yelled at me, locked me in a room so she can yell at me and then leave crying because I'm the one who 'yelled and told her off'. Like WTF. She also says I've stolen her credit card and bought thousands of dollars of makeup with it. Haha what?! Where's the evidence on this? And that there was an arrest warrant out for me because of that. And the day my husbands friend served her she knew what was coming. told him he can come over whenever and why we had to put him in between all of this. (SHE HATES HIM AND TALKS SO MUCH SHIT ON HIM) ok anyway, she also told him she has me and my husband on tape keying her car. Like lady, stop lying!!!!!!! She's told me she put witchcraft on me and SO much more. Only reason I didn't get the restraining order sooner was because of my bf. I know he wants a relationship with her, but she seriously needs some mental health. And after us telling her many times to stop, she didn't so we did what we had to do. And he told me to do it, which broke my heart because I knew he had enough. I asked him about it yesterday and he cried. Broke my heart. I've never disrespected her in anyway. I just want her to be a mother to my husband and not this horrible person.