Company immediately after baby


** This is long, but I need advice **

So I'm 35 weeks along currently, and there's a pretty high chance I'm going to be going into labor early with baby, possibly at 36 weeks. This whole summer has been pretty busy, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty burnt out with company and people lately. I've been trying to gently pass along the hint to my husband that the less people here the better, I'm on the verge of giving birth right now (literally) and I just don't want to feel like I have to entertain people or deal with their questions.

I'm also a FTM, so I don't really know how I'm going to feel immediately after having baby, and I don't want tons of company afterward either. Some of my husbands friends recently mentioned that they are wanting to come visit after baby is born, and Id really rather not have them here right away, especially not staying with us because we don't really have room. I also told my husband that we need to be careful with having lots of people over especially if baby is born a preemie, I don't want to put baby's immune system at risk.

He got kind of upset at me, and asked me why I'm "being so weird" ... he knows that I also suffer from anxiety issues, and pregnancy aside, having a lot of people around, or being a part of social events literally wears me down emotionally, physically, and mentally. Now I will have a new baby to add to it all, and I just really don't want loads of people all at once. I'm literally more stressed out about dealing with and entertaining company than going into labor...

But now after his reaction, I just feel ashamed. Am I being that unreasonable? How much company do you other mamas out there typically have after having a new baby? Aren't you supposed to be careful with a new baby's immune system?

Let me also note that hubby has a large family, plus extended, all right here in town, and it literally sounds like they all want to be at the hospital with me the moment I'm in labor. I honestly don't know how comfortable I am with this, right there is 13 people alone. And if there's any hope of MY family coming here, there's that many more.

Any advice?