No Pregnancy Sex

So last night my husband and I were joking around and somehow pregnancy sex came up. (we're not pregnant)

He said "I'm not licking pregnancy pussy so you can wait 9 months"

I said "if I'm not having sex for 9 months your going celibate for 9 months and that includes not touching yourself."

He laughed and said "yea right I'd just go to take a piss and end up jerking off"

I said "I'll just follow you everywhere and if you do I'll just flick it"

he said "oh that'll just get me off quicker"

I said "there's no way we're going 9 months without sex"

he said "oh well you can just suck me off the whole time"

I said "what do I get out of it then?"

he said "the pleasure of knowing you got me off"

Ugh men can be so irritating some times!

Anyone else have conversations like this? lol