Worried baby is not eating enough


Hi everyone, first time mom here and so everything is a concern these days.

Well there's one thing that keeps worrying me-and it's if my little girl-Aveline Mae eating enough. I pump, so I bottle feed breast milk and formula to her. Aveline was born June 11 (turning 12 weeks this Sunday-3 months next Sunday), and her intake is only somewhere around 20oz a day (and that's with me doing everything in my power to get her to eat), she takes about 2-3oz at feeding and the only time she eats 4oz is at midnight feeding-and even that not always, a lot of times she backs of the nipple and she is done-there's no way to get her to finish it. Her weight gain from birth was good and she doesn't look skinny but I'm worried she won't gain enough by her next four month appointment, wondering how much is everyone's little ones are consuming in a day and whether I'm crazy to worry or should I try taking her to the doctor before her four month check in?

Here's a picture of her growth from our last appointment at the doc and pictures of her to show what she looks like, please post pictures of your little ones and how much they eat!!


Thank you!!


Since writing this post my little girl decided to give me a good scare-one day she just decided she wasn't going to eat-that day her intake dropped from 20oz to 10oz!!! I panicked and called the doctor, they had me come in, everything checked out fine and doc wasn't worried about her-however she did say for three months her intake should be somewhere between 4-5oz (with max being 6oz) every three hours, which made me uneasy. Since that fateful day her intake slowly creeped back up to 20oz and she's back to eating 2-3oz per feeding, it's making me wonder if she will ever start eating more 😩