Abnormal pap results..... freaking out!


Okay so I'm 30, and boyfriend and I have been together 2 years and are in our second month TTC.

I have had normal paps the last 7 years but the most recent one came back abnormal. I went in first because 4 days after my last period I started spotting.... every time I wiped was the faintest pink tint.... lasted for 6 days. So anyway went to see gyno he said everything looked fine and did a pap.

Just got results back that I have mild lesions? Which sounds like small tears to my cervical tissue. I'm freaking out because the dysplasia portion means pre cancerous cells right?

I'm scheduled 2 weeks from now for a colposcopy which I'm also freaking out about because I've heard they hurt :(

I had tested negative for HPV and all other std's, negative for pregnancy and 2 years ago I had a surgical abortion at 5 weeks so maybe the tissue was damaged then? I don't know. Also we did have pretty rough sex the day before my PAP so perhaps that caused it.

Anyway..... has anyone else been TTC and had this test result? The doctor I spoke with told me not to worry it's low grade and usually clears up on it's own, but they still want to do the procedure and then if they find anything abnormal a biopsy.

I'd also heard after these procedures you aren't supposed to have sex for 6 weeks 😢 so that's a total bummer on our TTC..... but I definitely want to ensure everything is okay.

Sorry for long post..... I'm just so nervous 😢