Should I feel this hurt?


ladies i need your advice, would you be upset if your SO didn't visit you after you had an accident? about 3 days ago I was in a car accident with my sister. we're both okay other than a few bruises and scrapes. I told my boyfriend what happened and I let him know which hospital I was going to because he asked and I was getting my wrist checked out. later that day he told me he was on his way when something came up. I just can't help but to think that something must have been hella important for him to not come see me. I'm not asking for much, but he could at least dropped by to check on me. I'm just hurt because had it been him I would have dropped everything for him because he means that much to me, right now I don't feel he feels the same way. my sisters friend whom I hardly talk to stopped by to see if I was okay and that really meant alot to me because I felt alone. my bf would tell me how much he cared but he's not really showing me much😞 Idk what to feel right now..