Brown discharge?

Keylee • Been trying for almost a year! 5 miscarriages that we have noticed. Doctors think there were more... Praying so hard for our next miracle(s). Our Baby A or O was lost at 9w2d on Nov.4th,2016

Can someone explain what I just went through. I'm 14-15dpo. Ovulated on the 18-19. Had sex on the 18th. I waited two weeks from that yesterday and took a test and got a faint positive. Vvvfp. Last night I went to go pee and had brown discharge and it was dripping out of me and going down my leg. It was like a lotion texture ( I'm sorry I'm just curious as to what the hell this is so going into detail lol ) but it stopped. I don't have anything today except a little brown in regular colored discharge. Was that implantation? My periods are off and I didn't have one the past two months. So I'm not 100% sure when I'm supposed to start. But I know I ovulated on the 18-19