Did he cheat?

So my boyfriend's band went on tour once. He lied and said he was staying at a "hotel" one night. He came over my house a few nights later and I felt uneasy about something. Because that night he stayed at that "hotel" was the only night out of the entire year we've been together where he didn't text me or call me. And he promised me he would that night, but just ended up disappearing. So when he came over I looked at his phone, he sent a text to his friend in his band telling him to delete the posts on Instagram that him and his band was at this girls house because he didn't want me to see it, pretty much begging him to delete it ASAP.

The girls house he slept at was a girl he used to like. He was obsessed with her. When him and I first started dating I found messages that he sent to that same friend in his band that said he wished he was with her instead of me, that she's a "perfect 10" and all this bullshit. One time when we were out in public she walked by and he saw her and immediately let go of my hand. And he told me he wasn't talking to her but I saw when we first started dating he was sending her messages saying he missed her and being flirty. I was uncomfortable with this and I told him to delete her on everything, and he did. But now he's broken up with me and added her back on everything. I know he will never admit it, but I needed some closure and never got it.

He got me pregnant a few months into our relationship and he screamed and screamed at me to get an abortion, so I did and was extremely verbally abusive over it and I still get upset over it. All I wanted to know was, do you think he cheated on me that night and had sex with her?

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