Need to talk(long post sorry)


Hello Ladies I just need someone to talk to that understands right now. My SO tries bless his heart but in many ways he can't relate fully. We have been TTC for 1.5 going on 2 years and have not gotten a BFP yet. I was diagnosed with pcos two months ago after a ultrasound due to prolonged bleeding after a 3 month bout with not having a AF. I am 31 and SO is 35. Well fast forwarding to this cycle we BD many times before during and after my fertile window to be sure we caught all of the days just in case and all I am getting are BFN. I am currently 4 days late for AF and feeling some of the things I felt early on when I was pregnant with my 8 yr old. This hurts so much emotionally for me because it's like my body is telling me one thing and it's something entirely different happening. I'm so tired of feeling like this and am afraid to test again as I got 3 bfn wed -fri of last week and truly fear seeing another.The tear just keep coming no matter how much I try to stop them I wish this pain on no one. If you got through this insanely long post thank you for taking the time to. read it