I feel like a spoiled brat....seriously.

I'm literally crying right now.

Ill be 31 on Wednesday My bf barely gets me anything to begin with When he does...it's never something I like.

Last year for my birthday he literally got me a 5$ necklace from wal mart.

This year...literally this just happened...he got me a cheap 5$ frame that's in the shape of a heart and a fountain with a lion on it. He didn't even wrap it He just went there to wal mart, bought himself a $50 game, and spent maybe $15 on me. For my birthday.

If you looked around my house, you would know for sure that I don't like things like that.

I suppose what I'm complaining about is he doesn't take the time to think about me or what I would actually like. I just spent 50 on him for no reason And I know the stuff I got him he would absolutely love because I thought it out. For his birthday I threw him a surprise party for his friends and bought him a 52in tv.

He has a good job. And I know I should be grateful he got me something. But I'm so disappointed. I feel like I'm not a priority on his list.

He gets himself 200 dollar coats while I need new underwear.

I know I'm being dumb. And I'll probably get a lot of hate for this post. But I had to get it out before I completely explode

I feel so unappreciated...