how to lose weight !!!


ok so im almost 15, 5'3 and around 119 and I'm trying to get to 110 and I've lose 10 pounds so far in the past two ish weeks but here are some things I did to lose weight the healthy way is

1. Drink lots of water (you will lose a ton of water weight and won't feel bloated)

2. Do a sport that will keep you active and still have fun, I do swim team and I always feel better and productive after

3. Just go on a walk when you're on the phone w a friend and you'll lose a ton of calories w out even knowing it

4. Try to eat a fruit or vegetable before meals to fill you up so you don't overeat (also drink water, you might be thirsty instead of hungry)

5. Don't eat until you're VERY hungry, eating bc boredom was prolly my biggest weakness

6. Eat things that have less ingredients and avoid processed foods. Clean eating is important !!

7. If you want to treat yourself, do it in small portions like a couple chips rather than a whole bag. Even if it's your cheat day don't go all out even though itstempting

8. Do YouTube workout videos, they surprisingly actually motivate me and all ahahah

9. Snack on healthy things when watching tv !! Ok for me when watching Netflix or doing anything that just gives me something to do and focus on, legit I don't even care what I'm eating as long as it's something so it might work for you too? I usually eat nuts, fruit or carrots

10. Use a smaller plate !!!!

11. Drink green tea ok personally again, I will also drink anything as long as I'm already occupied w something else. apparently there are studies that proved green tea to jumpstart our metabolism w caffeine rather than coffee which dehydrates us

12. I'm weird but I like to imagine how much food I ate in the entire day to give me more perspective. Another thing that helps is tracking your food and weight.

13. If you want thinner legs, swimming will definitely help you build muscle and still have lean legs !!! Long distance running and jogging or fast walking will too. Cardio will definitely help you see improvement. For a leaner tummy, crunches and sit-ups only really show progress in your upper abdomen and its very frustrating to get rid of that lower belly fat, so things like leg drops and bicycle crunches usually do the job for me ?

14. Love your body though, it's cheesy but seriously just love your body or else you will never see the improvement. It'll help a lot with motivation and commitment

I hope this helps a bit ??

everybody's different, like for me I enjoy having one big meal and two small ones, I usually pick lunch or dinner since I need energy for swim practice or dinner because I'm starving after meets or practice !!