Horrible Birth Story!!


11 days ago I welcomed my baby girl Aubreonna into the world. It wasn't easy trust me. I went 100% natural at 19 years old . I had ALOT of complications though. I was suppose to be induced on Saturday the 26th of august due to IUGR. Instead I had an ultrasound on the 23rd & the Doctor said my fluids were low and I was being induced then . After hours of labor at 4:19 p.m August 24th , she arrived. I was good controlling the pain until 6 cm after that I went from 6 cm to pushing in 40 minutes those last 40 minutes were worse than the other 27 hours of labor . I had 2 seizures while pushing her out . I pushed 7 minutes but 4 outta the 7 minutes she had no heart beat so I had to push quickly. It overall was just horrible. Then when she was born her body temperature was super low they had to take her and put her under lights , and check her blood sugar for 24 hours. She ripped my vagina lip partially off!!! So they had to sew it back together lol. I had extreme eeclampsia which caused the seizures because the hospital didn't give me medication to prevent it from getting worse. I had extremely high blood pressure and protein in my urine for the moment I got there and they still didn't treat it. I was unconscious during pushing. I kept blacking out and was unresponsive multiple times. But after all that she was small, but healthy . 5lbs 5oz 18.5 inches long. ❤ and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.