Working mom, feeling useless

I work, husband stays home with baby girl. I'm so glad we have this option but I am noticing that I feel more and more useless. He cooks, cleans, does all the grocery shopping and yard work. He also makes the house feel more homey and decorated. Plus he takes great care of baby. I feel like all I do is provide the milk, I'm just a boob. I bf at home and pump at work and honestly I'm scared to stop because then I really won't feel like I have a purpose. Hubby doesn't do anything to make me feel this way, it's all me. Just feeling down. He tells me I'm doing a lot by working hard so that he can be with her which is true but I feel like breastfeeding is my sole identity right now, if that makes sense. I didn't think I'd make it 8 months but we're going strong, now I feel like bf as long as I can because it's my one strong bond with lo and only thing I feel I bring to the table. Anyone else experience this?