???? I don't really know what I'm exactly asking

Ok so my bf and I have almost been together for six months and damn I love him (and I know he loves me) but he's suddenly doing things really fast. Like, it took us four months to even kiss (just quick, cute ones) but now he's getting kinda physical. We were hanging out in his bed the other day just cuddling, small kisses, and some butt grabbing, but earlier we were in his bed again and it was a bit more intense. We were full on making out, wrapped around each other very tightly, and instead of just grabbing my ass, he put his hand under my underwear. First he was over my shorts, then just panties, then went under that. I told him that there needs to be at least one layer there and he immediately backed off. He told me before he's fine with waiting, that it's my choice when we do, and he doesn't want to pressure me and I've thought about us having sex before but I feel like we shouldn't just yet