got my hopes up this month :(


AF was over a week late. pretty sure I ovulated a week late too so I was chalking up the late period to that, but I was still getting alittle excited. of course I did a test a few days ago and the stupid test malfunctioned on me and didn't show any line, not even the control line, so that was playing with my emotions thinking "hmm with how my life is I'm pregnant and life just wants to mess with me and break my test to torture me!" So I went and got more tests last night, we were at a family dinner my husband's and my brothers wife both have birthdays basically back yo back, so we had a birthday dinner for them. my stomach cramped a fewb times, again got excited thinking "Oh what if this is like uterine stretching cramps!" That's probably not a thing, but still I got a little bit more hope. got home, went to do the test. the cramps were the start of AF making her arrival. guess maybe next month will be it. should have known better than to get excited