FINALLY!!!... I'm Ending my relationship with PCOS and infertility!


It's been a VERY long journey, as I'm sure it has been for many of you. 3 years ago I stopped using the Nuva ring and had a chemical pregnancy. Since then, I knew something wasn't right with my body. I started gaining uncontrollable amount of weight, menstrual was a stranger who never visited, and my body was telling me something was wrong. After seeing several different doctors I was finally properly diagnosed as having PCOS ( something I had never heard of before) with insulin resistance and being at risk for diabetes. This blew my mind bc I was always an overall healthy person barely ever sick and I thought I ate right. I was happy to know it wasn't just all in my head and there was also a reason why we weren't getting pregnant again. After seeing a nutritionist and an RE for fertility options I became more educated but we also found here were more problems. Now I not only have severe PCOS with insulin resistance, I also have a blocked tube. At this point I felt defeated, like less of a woman and stressed that I couldn't give my husband what he wanted most in the world. I had given up on myself for a little while and then I realized it's only making matters worse ignoring the issues and not facing hem head on. So I changed my diet, became vegan, started exercising and taking care of me. My DH has been soooo supportive and I'm so blessed to have him as a partner. He never once made me feel guilty for my conditions. Anyway fast forward 4 months after I made all these changes and now we are Pregnant with our first child together!!! Had I done the things I knew I should do instead of feeling pitiful, I may have had a baby 3 years ago lol. But God always blesses us when He knows we are ready it's always the right time. It is possible for anyone who feels defeated I hope this encourages you. I wish you all healthy pregnancies, babies, and baby dust to you all!!!