Born at 36 wks💜


August 14-I was having some cramps in my lower right abdomen,a little painful and sharp but mostly felt like a gas cramp so I didn't think much of it.

August 15- same thing

August 16-my mother in law was having an outpatient procedure done and because the family I married into is so close we all loaded up and went to the hospital to support her. I decided I would walk laps while we waited hoping to maybe get the gas moving. Nearly three miles later I wasn't sure if I needed to poo or vomit. I went to the restroom where nothing happened. As we left the hospital my pain got worse and I was doubled over in the parking lot. I called the doctor as we were headed toward her office anyway and they told me to turn around and go back to the hospital that bc I'm pregnant with twins it would be easier to monitor me there.

Once there I was told that I was having contractions but not laboring. I even said at one point that this wasn't what I imagined contractions would feel like. I eventually started vomiting. They gave me a bag of fluids and some nausea meds and told me I could go home or stay for more fluids. I thought maybe a nice warm shower would help so I hose to come home.

August 17-Fast forward four hours, couldn't keep anything down including water. Couldn't stand up straight, could t use the bathroom without being in pain....back to labor and delivery I went. My urine was about the color of sweet tea but mg urinalysis came back fine. They put me on more fluids and nausea meds and stuck me in a mother/baby room. After about 8 hours they told me they would be keeping me another day to monitor my irk every for 24 hours. They said they wanted to put the monitors on me for about 30 minutes though just to check everything out. Hooked me up and said I was having pretty significant contractions and that I must be in early stages of labor.

At about 10-10:15 pm I informed my nurse that my epidural was wearing off (even though I was on a continuous drip...this was the second time I could feel stuff since they had started it) I told her I felt like I needed to push she told me that I couldnt yet! I wasn't very happy!

10:51 pm my baby boy was born weighing in at 6 lbs and 11 oz, at 10:58 my baby girl was born weighing in at 4 lbs 14 oz. I had both vaginally with no tears. Exactly what I wanted. Both spent just a few hours in NICU and then came back to my room where we stayed until discharged.

I was still having a lot of abdominal pain when I was discharged and assumed it was all due to childbirth. 4 days after being discharged my side started hurting pretty badly, I thought I had missed a pain pill that they had prescribed me so I took one and lay down telling myself I had an hour and a half before time to feed again. That would be plenty of time for it to kick hour later Jacob started crying and I literally was in so much pain I couldn't get the recliner to sit up so I could get him. Thank heavens mg mother in law and my mom both walked through the door at that exact same moment.

Called the doctor---go back to the hospital. Cried the whole way there. My babies were only a week old that day and I had to leave them at home. After 12 hours in the hospital find out that it's most likely appendicitis but they can't see it in Ct scan or ultra sound, could possibly be an inflamed Fallopian tube. They went in laparoscopically to check both. My appendix had been leaking for quite sometime and formed and abscess in my abdomen. The infection had walled itself off so my blood work never looked like I had a severe infection. Surgery 😕 and another 4 days in the hospital.

They now think that my appendix is what caused me to go into labor. I'm so glad to finally be home with my babies💜💜💜