Less than ONE week...still NO boy name!!! 😩

Amanda • 35 | Vivian Lee 9/11/2017 & Henry Lee 4/24/2019 👧🏼💗💙👶🏻

Sooooo I'm due Sept 15th but having Csection on the 11th (baby is breech).

However I keep saying "if I last till then" sooooo uncomfortable and I feel like this kid is trying to escape through my diaphragm!!!

Gender is not known. Hubby and I agreed on a girls name probably like 3+ mos ago. I keep having a feeling we're gonna have a boy now just cause we aren't 100% sold on a name yet 😞 I feel like they're gonna pull baby out say "it's a boy" and we're just gonna look at eat other cluelessly and just pick something dumb haha.

Side note. The middle name is Lee. I think being that we have that it's making it harder to pick something 😩 it's both of our middle names so we're keeping it that.

Here's our potential contenders so far. But still not feeling 100% of any of them. I like moreso uncommon old names...not top 100 of now. Names popular back in the day but not so much anymore. God this is difficult!!!! Any other suggestions??? Or anyone like any of these? 🤔

Jasper Lee

Henry Lee

Remington Lee

Austin Lee

Everett Lee

Maverick Lee

Barrett Lee