literally just looking for some advice here. i found out i was pregnant and i found out much later than i thought i would so im now 10 weeks. Im 20 years old, ive been with my boyfriend for 6 years now but we dont live together (both still live with parents). Hes unreliable at the best of timea nevermind now, eventhough he says he will support me no matter what i want to do he will not give his opinion on what we should do. I spoke to my parents and they said the same, it has ro be my decision but either way rhey will support me. At first I was so set on continuing the pregnancy and keeping it, then i got a reality check and realised it wont be that easy due to crippling chronic back pain and our living situations at the moment. So then i consider adoption but this would be so so so difficult and the final option is abortion. i just dont know whether i agree with this as there are so so many people out there who cant have children and its also something i think i would come to regret. We are both very stable finacially and earn over £60k a year combined and emotionally i think i could keep it. They are all just very final and difficult decisions to make. just looking for advice from people who know someone who has been in a similar situation or who themselves have experienced this.