should I speak to my boyfriends family about his depression

So my boyfriend has been going through severe depression for several years now. He's only admitted it and started seeing a therapist recently after I pretty much forced him to. He didn't want to feel his family for the longest time but after much arguing he relented and even his mom asked him he confessed. At first they seemed to be accepting but after taking his parents he wouldn't be returning to college (he didn't feel them it was because he was dismissed) they started saying he wasn't depressed but actually just lazy. And he began feeling worse. A couple days ago he took a bit of weed and his parents came down on him. He felt as if he was going to die from the headaches and stomach pains. He said that if he "wasn't grossed by blood or that if pills weren't inconsistent... " he never finished the sentence because he knows how I feel. I've asked him before to talk to his parents but he is competent against it. Should I talk to his parents about how serious his depression is and how prior suicide attempt (before we began dating, around the time we met) or should I let him handle it how he wants?

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