2 ww after tigger shot!! Ovidrel


🙄 hi ladies, this is me testing out how long it takes to get ovidrel out of your system. As you all know or don't know, ovidrel is an hCG which stimulates pregnancy hormone if a pregnancy test is taken to early it can give a false bfp!!!


14dpo and 15 dpt

Patiently, waiting for results!!!

Results are in.....

First, It has taken a lot out of me today with the news I received. My doctor called and said my beta levels are dropping and I was indeed pregnant but miscarried. It brings sadness but hope that my body did respond to the meds( puregon,letrozole and ovidrel) and there is hope for us. Don't give up ladies there's always a next time. Lastly, I have OHSS and also several large cyst. Those follies that did not release and egg turned into cyst.