Hi all,

Newly married (almost a month), new to conceiving (this month also). So I waited to have sex until marriage and even before then for religious reasons, I felt birth control is wrong for me--I believe it's fine for those who want to use it whether married or not or religious or not. But I personally choose not to use any protection from pregnancy and believe in giving things to God.

My mom believes in God but we don't always agree with each other on our beliefs. She doesn't believe it's wrong to use birth control whether married or not. I tried to be open to it for her sake but honestly don't agree with it the more I look at her view.

I hinted towards hubby and I trying to conceive by saying that I gave God my womb and she still thinks I'm being stupid/irresponsible and told me today she is disappointed in my decision to forgo any protection.

I didn't think it'd hurt so much hearing that from her but it does. It's not about "responsibility" for me, it's purely a faith based decision for me. She did say if we got pregnant she wouldn't be mad but doesn't think it's the right time--finances are tight, hubs is in between jobs and I have some health issues such as muscular dystrophy and I'm considered obese. But I have had a desire for children of my whole for as long as I can remember. If now isnt the right time, when is? (Rhetorical question).

Anyway, Just wanted to vent. Not looking to debate birth control or my beliefs. Just trying to deal with the hurt of disappointing my mother. *sigh*