NICU Awareness Month- Felix's Story


Thanksgiving 2016, I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was scared but so excited. The next seven months flew by in a rush of excitement, anxiety, and love. At 33 weeks 4 days, I started feeling uncomfortable. Prompted by my co-workers, I went to go get checked out and I am so lucky I did. My blood pressure was 230/130. Which my doctor told me was bad. Like, "you and your son could have died within 24 hours bad". My son was born that night at 9:14pm via emergency C-Section, weighing 5lbs 10oz but unable to eat on his own due to brain immaturity. For the next 27 days, my son was cared for by the amazing doctors and nurses in the Mercy San Juan NICU. Every morning, we were given updates from the doctor. The staff there showed such love and kindness towards me and my family. They encouraged us, shared their life stories, and taught us how to care for our little boy. I will never be able to thank those men and women enough. ♡♡♡