I need to vent again.

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It's about my boyfriend and our TTC journey. This will be his first and my second. So we had a falling out because he told me he was ready and I went through a lot of pain getting my birth control out and having my first period after it being out. It was only nexplanon, but that period was HORRIBLE. Anyways we only been trying since June but it isn't that long I know, but he told me he thinks he can't have kids and that's why we're having problems. I mean we haven't been trying for long, but I told him maybe he should go get checked out. He is a procrastinator really bad and tbh it bumming me out. Again I know it could take healthy couples a while to get pregnant. I just feel like I'm in this by myself. So when I ask him if he's sure he's ready to have a kid he's always like yeah baby I'm ready we would have a beautiful child and blah blah blah. Idk how to feel anymore because I feel like this is one sided. Then he gets bothered when I get upset when my period gets here. I don't know. He's the reason that I feel so lost. I think I will but this baby making on hold until I figure us out some more. Like I got my first faint positive and barely got a response from him. And now it looks like the line is getting fainter and he isn't very supportive. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ One day until af is supposed to show so we'll see.