Problem child or not? Any advice....


Morning all. I have depression yes, but I am coping without medication mostly. My issue is the following... I have a 7 year old daughter who I am bringing up quite independently. The problem is due to our history with her father being bipolar and my ex now for almost 4 she is acting out against me in the most peculiar ways. She has been having attitude problems and is also being rude at school to her teacher as well as aftercare staff after school. Not only to me and my husband who she actually loves dearly. We are taking her for therapy to cope with some emotional problems and to help cope with the split. Her father is not working and doesn't support her in any way, he barely calls her. His excuse being he doesn't have money. She sees him when he decides or can make time for her.

How does one cope with this behavior? she even thinks I don't love her at times even though she has most anything her heart could ever desire and we do everything for her. We are at wits end because the teacher at school keeps complaining and I am starting to wonder if she might be picking on my little girl. But then what she describes is the type of behavior we are experiencing at home too.

Please any input or ideas would be a great help as I would live to have my sweet girl back. 😭😭