Car accident


First off sorry but this may be a bit long. Please read I really need some support. So last month I told my hubby that I hated being on the pill. We had both decided we wanted a baby together. This would be our first child together but also our 7th child. He has 3 and I have 3. He asked why I was still taking them and my answer was that I didn't want to stop until he was ready so he told me that we should stop and let it come naturally. So fast forward a bit we have been actively trying since last month but just a week ago some guy ran a red light and hit me. This is my peek ovulation week. So still trying but I have been taking a low dose muscle relaxer and hydrocodone with acetaminophen. If I can handle the pain I plan to stop taking the meds but Im scared that I may be causing harm if I become pregnant. What do think? Have any one of you been through this?