I am so scared my bf is going to cheat on me eventually ๐Ÿ˜”

ive talked to him several times about this and he just dorsnt like the idea of me thinking like that, he reassures me that he loves me and wants to build an honest relationship with me. For gods sake he has asked me to move in with him when the time comes...

We are in a long distance relationship and it's so hard because we miss each other so much. I am working two jobs to save money for both school and eventually move in with him.

I am so scared yall, because I hear so many cheating stories its driving me insane

I just dont know how to handle myself anymore, i was never likr this and its mot likr he has given me anything to suggest he us cheating either... i am so crazy, what should I do...I'm depressing myself ...any little thing and it upsets me