Is it offensive

zuly • Married with a stepdaughter, a daughter, a baby in heaven, rainbow baby, boy with another one on the way!

So my husband and I have recently started working with his ex in regards to seeing his daughter. So far everything was going great, until last night. she asked my husband if I would not call her daughter my daughter. She said that she understands I love their daughter as my own but reality is that her daughter is not my daughter. She ask that I refer to their daughter as my "Stepdaughter" I was kind of offended. I feel that refering to her as my Stepdaughter will make her feel less and I don't want her to think that I believe she is less. I love her like she is my own. Am I wrong for feeling this way? btw their daughter is only 3years old and I don't tell her I'm her mom or anything we actually really dont have a label for me right now!!!

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