Ladies need your opinions

60+ year old man bathing two little girls ones 5 other is 1 he is not the grandfather or any relation of them. Wife who is 40 is suppose to be there and babysit them but is not she's technically not related either. Are you okay with it? Or absolutely not? My opinion is no. I could understand her but not him that's not right and it's disgusting don't you think? Pretty sure parents aren't aware of him doing it. Your guys opinion?


This is not my family it's my bfs. This is his stepfather bathing two girls who aren't his family or my bfs family they are the neighbors girls. My bfs mother is friends with her and watches them sometimes but she isn't here right now. This man is not a grandfather figure or uncle figure or any of that type to these girls and no he isn't in there life like that.

To the women who are getting an attitude with the fact I said it was okay for her to do it it's because she's been in their life since birth she grew up with the mother they consider each other family but they're not blood. She suppose to be babysitting but had to run to the store.She was given permission he wasn't. He doesn't know these girls so why would it be okay. I'm not sexist lol cause if this women didn't know these kids she shouldn't be bathing them either.