I need advice.

How do I know if my fiancé really loves me? I am only 21 years old and my fiancé is 35.

While I know this question sounds really stupid because we are engaged, I have a few reasons to question.

I've posted here before so some of you might recognize me. My fiancé and I have been together for 2 years now and we have a baby together. I am almost certain I met him while he was still in love with his ex. I know he was really in love with her and I know he was very depressed when she left him. I'm not quite sure why they got a divorce but I know it had something to do with a fight, she left without saying goodbye to him or the kids and never looked back ever again. I also know that my fiancé was pretty upset with her still even when we were dating. So that's a little bit of a background from them.

Now here's ours.

We met a few months after they divorced. I'm almost certain I was a rebound; although I knew there had been women before me. I guess he really wanted to forget her. On our third date he asked me if I just wanted to date? Confused, I said okay. A week later he was telling me loved me. And when I would ask him in what way he would say as a person. He just loved me. I didn't say I love you back until about a month later. Everything was going so fast. Like the movie fast and furious. I met his kids about a month after meeting as well. He moved from the apartment his ex wife and him lived and moved a little closer to me. He wanted to see me every single day until he asked he to moved in. I moved in, another month past by and I'm pregnant. Our relationship became amazing, we were closer than ever and I genuinely felt like he truly loved me.

We had our daughter, he proposed to me. We're now a year in. We become distant, we argue all the time we almost parted our ways. He's cried in front of me saying don't leave him. Begging me to not leave him. So we stay.

Now, we're good. He doenst do anything but work come home and be with us at a home. He doenst go out and from what I heard from everyone he's a family guy. Meaning, he rather be with his family than be anywhere else. Which I am lucky to have.

We're still engaged now. But sometimes I question our relationship. Does he really love me? I am so young, I have no experience in life. It almost feels like he's teaching me things in life. Like who wants to be with someone you have to teach things because they don't know them? He helped me get my license, he supports me. There's a lot of things I didn't know that I know now because of him. I've also come across notes and letters he used to write to her and he never does that for me. I know his ex wife was very dominant and he would allow that but if I'm like that he says I'm trying to belittle him. He supports me like I've mentioned and I almost feel like less of woman because I know his ex supported herself and she had a lot of money. He's been married twice and he's had 4 real relationships. Which always ended up bad. And here I am, the fifth one and sometimes I feel like he stays because now we have a daughter and he doenst want to he alone. Am I wrong?

I just want advice from older people. I know it's sounds dumb but I can't stop thinking about his ex wife.