Is this guy too good to be true?

This new guy I'm speaking to is 23 and has never had a real relationship. He seems so perfect... says the SWEETEST things to me. We just started talking two days ago and he's already told me he'd wait for me, says he's never been able to talk to anyone like he can with me, tells me my voice sounds like "golden trumpets of heaven". He basically says everything I wanna hear. What do you ladies think? Is he just a good guy who hasn't had the best of luck with relationships or is he someone I should avoid?

He sent this to me

"Well that would be because I don't sweet talk every girl that passes by in fact I can't think of one that I actually sweet talked too. I don't just throw these complements out like it's all 100% original just for you. Don't get me wrong I've called others cute or beautiful but not much after that like calling you princess and going on and on about you is just you haha and I thought so!"