Partner changed his mind


So me and my partner months ago said we wouldn't mind having a second baby at this point in time, and since then, we've moved house, we're more on our feet, he's got a stable job, I thought he still wanted it. But with this new job, he's got new friends, not the best kind of people, the people that want to cause trouble and I feel that my partner would go along with it as if he's some teenager and not a father and a fiancee with a lot to lose. Anyway, I mentioned the topic yesterday and his reply was "you really want another kid when you can't handle this one?" He's done a complete 180 on me, and I feel like he's changed as a person completely and I feel all alone now. I moved 80 miles away from my family for this, moved in with HIS family to make it worse, and now I have to live with complete stranger as well. As well as that, I feel like I would be able to cope a little better if I had a little help from him, I look after the baby at night, during the day, on his days off, while he's at work, no help from him. Before we moved he used to take baby in the morning so I could catch up on the sleep I didn't have during the day and that's all gone now, all his help has stopped. now I'm thinking that I don't want another kid, not with someone I barely know if I'm going to basically be a single mother.Please no judging, I just needed someone to rant to, especially now that my family are so far away, I can't exactly turn to them with this kind of info.