How do I tell him??

So my daughter is 3 months old, and I had second degree tearing when having her. While everything is healed it's still SO extremely tender where I tore. My husband and I have tried to have sex multiple time which ends in me feeling like he's going to rip me open again and we stop without even really starting..

My husband gets so frustrated and upset with me and it's extremely depressing. 😓 it makes me feel like it's my fault or he thinks I'm just over exaggerating but it's literally almost as bad as pushing my daughter out in the first place! How do I explain to him that I'm not trying to put off sex, and that I think about it probably just as often as he does! But my body just isn't ready yet? I've told him numerous times but it just doesn't stick in his thick skull that I'm being completely serious.

Sex is a big part of our relationship (not because it's needed but we love the intimacy and closeness) any advice on how to explain it to him? Or maybe how to make it not so tender where it tore? TIA.