I'm a cheat

So 2 months ago I cheated on my boyfriend of a year and a half when I made out with a guy when I was drunk. I told him about it and said I'd understand if he wanted to break up but instead he took the approach that it's fine and 'these things happen' and said he wanted us to move past it. To begin with my feelings kinda disappeared but over the last 2 months they'd started to come back. Until Saturday. I've been at uni for 2 weeks now and on Saturday I was at a party, and to get to the point a guy slept in my bed for the night, we had sex 3 times on sunday and 3 or 4 times yesterday. I told my boyfriend that i'd slept with someone and made it clear that i think it's a clear indicator that things just aren't going to work out and that he deserves better than to be in a relationship like this, but he seems to think we can save our relationship. I'll admit that the sex i had when i cheated was nothing like I'd had before and now i think i dont feel attracted to my boyfriend in a sexual way anymore💔i love him as a person and the reason i said to him i want to break up is for his own good, but he wants to try keep us together. I have no idea what's best to do, advice is appreciated.

Just a little update to everyone who has come to here just to leave nasty and unhelpful comments: reminding me that cheating isn't okay and that I'm a bad person for doing it?? I've already figured that one out on my own but thanks anyway☺seriously though i know that what i did wasn't okay, the reason I'm here is to ask for advice on what my next moves should be. Especially with the fact that my boyfriend doesn't want to let go, but I think letting go is what we need to do.