Overnight babysitter


Hi all!

So I currently nanny for a 15 month old full time. I get $10/hr to care for him and do light housework. His mother and father will be going away on business from Sunday to Tuesday (returning at 1pm tuesday). I also bring my 14 motnh old along when I nanny so I don't have to pay for childcare and they have a playmate for each other. My question is how much should I make for this little stretch? Normal pay my normal hour and then adjusted pay for the extra hours or just figure a total rate? What do you think is fair? I would be allowed to keep my son in their home overnight the nights I am watching their son but this would require me to make extra meals, do bathtime, etc. I also normally do not work weekends so Sunday would be an extra dat added to my full week schedule. Thank for your input!