Sending pics?


Hey ladies,

I could use some advice with this:

I have a really good friend who is always complimenting me, calling me hot , whatever (it's really unusual cuz I don't hear it often) and he lives almost across the world. We were talking the other day and we both said we'd be down to fuck but obviously we have to wait a while before we can. He asked me today if I'd wanna trade pics back and forth - cuz he's comfortable doing it and wanted to know if I want to. I'm not super ooposed to the idea (and he's totally fine if I say no) but do you think it could make our friendship weird? We don't see each other in person, but part of me thinks I wouldn't be able to look at him the same, and the same goes for his thoughts about me? Do you guys think it would make stuff awkward or nah?

Thanks in advance for your replies :)