Yes, I know, I'm a terrible person...

...but I hate the name my sister has chosen for her baby! She has three other daughters with very common, easy-to-spell, easy-to-pronounce names. But the name she has chosen for this little girl is so obscure and unusual. Every time she tells someone the name, she gets asked to repeat it multiple times. There are lots of silent letters and unexpected vowels, so spelling it confuses people even more. Her other daughters (all under age 4) have a hard time pronouncing it, too. It's not an invented name, but is a very obscure historic name from another country. The baby isn't due for several months, and I'm hoping that she has a change of heart because if I've learned one thing from Glow, it's that you can NEVER tell a woman her baby's name sucks. 😂 (Which is why I'm not repeating the name here!) But I feel terrible knowing my sweet little niece will grow up with such a cumbersome name, while her sisters skate by on names similar to "Emma" and "Annie." They're still deciding on a middle name, so 🤞 they choose something that will be usable as a backup, in case she hates it as much as I do!

UPDATE: Lol! OK fine I'll say the name, but you all better be ready to defend me against the 500 people named "Mauraide" who will want to tar and feather me. (It's "Mauraide like 'parade,'" as my sister says, and apparently it's Celtic. Which maybe I'd like better if either of them were remotely Irish?) 🤷🏻‍♀️

And again, I know I'm a terrible person. Sorry to all you Mauraides out there. 🙏