What's with this guy? πŸ™„


This guy Ive been dealing with for some months now, he feels it's necessary for me to meet his ex..... that he's been dealing with for 8 years. I'm like um..... why? I told him I'm open to meeting his kids mother ONLY because I have been around her children, and it's important for her to know what type of woman I am if I will be around her kids! But he is constantly pressuring me into agreeing about meeting his ex girlfriend..................... I told him NO! There is no reason for us to meet. I have no animosity towards this woman at all but i just feel it's completely unnecessary for us to plan a date to meet up and talk.... what are we going to talk about?! I mean, They are still sleeping together, and living together! BUT currently in the "process" of breaking up and her looking for a "new place"......And yeah i know I shouldn't be dealing with this damn loser but my feelings are involved and its so hard to just block them out! Trust me, I'm trying. But any who, if it were you, would you be open to meeting a guys ex girlfriend?!?!?

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