Help me please (read it all please)

Um. My boyfriend and i got in a fight and it hurt my feelings because he started mocking my crying and insulting me. So the best response with somebody with anxiety was to freak out, break up, hang up, and just start crying. After i hung up he said he blocked me, and i got so mad and decided to block him on everything. I told him i love him but everything he's saying it fucking hurts. (The 6-7 times is because i freaked out and left) The point is...i don't want you guys telling me to leave him or how "if i was you I'd slap him" I'm just hurt and alone and crying now. All i need is someone to help me or talk to me, or just be there. It's 2 am and nobody is here for me because my mom is 4 hours away and she's asleep and i have no friends. Please help.