What can I do?


Two days ago I finally got my pos pregnancy test! The next day I went to work and a coworker said to me she was pregnant with almost the same due date! Both of us happy! The exact next moment I feel wet. I go to the bathroom and shock: bleeding. Directly I go to the hospital and a doc says that he sees a gestational sac and that I need to rest. Then I receive my sheet for work where my diagnosis is written: Abort with blood! I am directly in shock . I phone my doc and he says to come over: ultrasound nothing can be seen (8 hours later), bleeding is heavier and he says I am sorry. Now I have to wait that I bleed out. But I really don't know how I can go back to work seeing every day the women with due the day I would have my baby. My little rainbow baby for whom I waited 2,5 years after a mc! I am honest with you: I am jealous and it is eating me from inside. I feel like a horrible person! What can I do?