Maiden Cups Advice (Help!!)


I'm just getting started on this and bought on S cup so far (Duchess cup). I work an office and trying to figure out (plan ahead) how I would go about potty breaks etc. So, here are my questions, someone please enlighten me:

1. I assume I would have to remove it each time I potty whether it's #1 or #2. Is this correct?

2. Would I need the bigger cup for heavy flow days? I recently got off the pill so I don't know how heavy my period would be. It's been probably 8 years.

3. Do I carry extra cups like I would tampons to change throughout the day? And how do I discreetly clean the used one? Or don't I until I get home?

4. How do you transport used cups until you get home?

And please let me know anything else I should know. I did get some period leak proof granny panties (j/k but they are big).

Thank you in advance!! 😁